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What we do


The primary functions performed by the UWC Malawi National Committee are:

1. Scholarships:

UWC Malawi acts as the liaison for the UWC International Organisation in Malawi. In this regard, we communicate with the UWC IO and individual schools and colleges to secure placements and scholarships for Malawian students at UWCs. While we usually accept full scholarship offers from UWCs, we have raised funds and sent students who were not fully covered. 

2. Publicity:

UWC Malawi conducts a number of activities throughout the year to promote UWCs and the UWC scholarship opportunity. Our information dissemination and publicity efforts are mostly targeted towards students who have completed form 4 (or the equivalent) and their parents. We have virtual information sessions where you can hear from various Malawian UWC students and alumni about their experiences.

3. Selections:

Every year, UWC Malawi conducts a rigorous process to select the most deserving Malawian students for this opportunity. Our selection process consists of an application essay, letter of interest, letters of recommendation, and later on, shortlisted applicants are invited to attend group and individual interviews. 

4. Current Student Affairs and Alumni Relations: 

UWC Malawi offers support service to Malawian UWC students. We engage with students and their parents, to ensure that our students are well-equipped and succeed at UWC. We also host various events and get together for alumni, encouraging them to remain involved in the movement.

5. Spread the UWC Movement and Mission: 

UWC Malawi strongly believes in the UWC Movement and its mission. We recognise and value the need for peace as well as a sustainable future for all, including Malawians. We also acknowledge that a better world is possible when we ensure diversity and a fundamental belief in humanity.