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Application Guidelines

Applying for a UWC Scholarship

Malawian students who satisfy the eligibility criteria and who wish to apply for a UWC scholarship should do so through the UWC Malawi National Committee. The first step of the UWC Malawi selection process involves submitting a written application. The next step is group and individual interviews for shortlisted applicants. Based on the selection day, the National Committee recommends students for acceptance to individual UWC schools that then make the final scholarship offers. 


All applications must be received by January 1st, 2024. Fill in the application in the Google form here.

1. Cover Letter (300-500 words). 

This letter should include your full name, gender, date, and place of birth, telephone number, and email address. In the letter, please describe your extracurricular and service activities, and explain why you want to attend a UWC school. What makes you a strong candidate? How do you currently live the UWC ideals in your own life?

2. One essay (300–500 words) addressing one of two prompts.

Prompt 1: You have just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. What did you do to win it?
Prompt 2: What is one future invention that you think could make a huge impact on the world? 

Please select only one prompt for your essay. 

3. Two letters of recommendation.

- One detailed personal reference from the school principal or a school teacher well acquainted with the student that gives insight on who you are as a student and/or member of the school in and outside class.

- One detailed personal reference from someone outside your school (not a friend or family member) that gives insight into your involvement in the community and possibly your character.

4. Academic Results (MSCE or IGCSE results)

While this is a holistic review, the International Baccalaureate diploma program is an academically rigorous and robust program that will require you to work hard and step outside your comfort zone. 

5. A scanned passport photo.

6. A signed statement from your parents or legal guardians indicating that they support your application.

Submission Instructions: All applications should be submitted through the Google form linked here ( (email if you are unable to do so well before the deadline). All documents should be attached to the Google form as a single PDF file in a PDF format, labelled "Your Surname_FirstName_DocumentContents". E.g. "Moyo_Mphatso_CoverLetter".


Do you have questions?
Join us for a virtual information session on 18th November and 2nd December at 5 p.m. CAT using this link:

Keep up with updates on our Instagram page (uwc_malawi). For more information email

Applying to UWC without a Scholarship

Students who do not require a scholarship can apply for admission to specific UWC schools through the Global Selection Programme.