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Eligibility Criteria

UWC Malawi requires students to meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply for the 2024 UWC scholarships:

  • Should be a Malawian citizen. Applications from permanent residents will be considered, but Malawian citizens will be given priority.
  • Must be born between 15th September 2005 and 1st June 2008.
  • Must have completed form 4 (MSCE) or form 5 (IGCSE). 
  • Must be prepared for a two-year absence from home and be fully committed to the ideals of the United World Colleges.

Students with physical, learning and/or mental disabilities are encouraged to apply.

The National Committee understands that every case is different, and we take special circumstances into consideration. If you are unsure of your status or have any questions about the eligibility criteria, please contact us by writing

Candidates should have or display an interest in learning to have:  

1. Intellectual curiosityYou are eager to learn about the world, able to understand a wide range of issues, and skilled at analysing topics deeply.

2. Active commitment to your own values and those of UWCYou are a global citizen who shares the values of respect, tolerance, and understanding.

3. Social competenceYou are a respectful and collaborative communicator, able to understand and appreciate diverse viewpoints.

4. Resilience, self-awareness and independenceYou are resilient and self-aware, able to cope with challenges and seek help when needed.

5. Personal responsibility and integrityYou are self-aware and reflective, with a strong sense of values and communal responsibility in your family and community around you.

6. Academic robustnessYou have demonstrated academic excellence and hard work and resilience through your final results.